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Meet Ellie: Jewston Hillel Pro of the month!

This week we got to interview our very own, Ellie Rips! She is a superstar springboard fellow for Houston Hillel who loves all things Disney and Baseball, and is always game for a trendy Shabbat dinner! Read below to learn more about Ellie!

Alyssa : So how did you end up in Houston?

Ellie: An Airplane...but really I got the opportunity to work at Houston Hillel as a Springboard Fellow and couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Alyssa : What is the Springboard Fellowship?

Ellie: It is a fellowship for recently graduated students to work for Hillel and receive special professional development opportunities like innovation calls, funding to attend retreats across America, and train us how to be the best Hillel professionals we can be. The goal of the program is to invest and retain talent and help us move up in the Hillel world.

Alyssa: What is your favorite Jewish Holiday?

Ellie: Shabbat! I love the atmosphere, community bonding, and that Shabbat is something to look forward to at the end of the week. Shabbating is all about relaxation and connecting, two of my favorite things to do.

Alyssa: We heard that you love baseball, when did that start?

Ellie: My family has had season tickets to the Anaheim Angels since I was born, and so we would always spend a lot of family bonding time at the stadium. I associate baseball with family memories, so it has a very special place in my heart. Also watching baseball is so much fun, you can just sit and eat for 3 hours! For those of you who say baseball is boring, try spending 5 hours in a football stadium...that’s boring. Side note, how bout them Astro’s...I feel like I need to burn the Astro’s shirt I bought this year!

Alyssa: If you are an Angels fan, that means that you grew up in Socal! How was that?

Ellie: I grew up in Long Beach, which was amazing! Leaving southern California has definitely made me appreciate it’s beauty, and I miss it a lot. I lived 20 min from Disneyland, which was basically my own personal playground, #blessed.

Alyssa: So what is your favorite Disney movie?

Ellie: Aladdin is my favorite because the whole sentiment of traveling the world and experience new things, resonates with me...and Aladdin is a cutie.

Alyssa: When Jewston comes together…

Ellie: I feel like I have a Jewish community.

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