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Meet Slade: Jewston's Mensch of the Month!

Carly: Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Slade: My name is Slade Getz. I am 22 years old and from New York City. I work as a Cybersecurity Defense Analyst and love it.

Carly: What was your 'Jewish experience' like in college?

Slade: My school had a very little Jewish population, however, during Covid, my Jewish friends and I had our own passover seder.

Carly: How has your time in Houston been?

Slade: I have been in Houston for almost two months and am really enjoying it. The nightlife, people, and Astros games have been a lot of fun.

Carly: What has been the biggest surprise about living in Houston?

Slade: The biggest surprise about Houston for me was that southern hospitality exists.

Carly: What do you enjoy most about Jewston events?

Slade: I really enjoy attending Jewston events because I get to surround myself in a positive community that also gives me more opportunities to strengthen my relationship with God.

Carly: Is there anything else you want the Jewston community to know?

Slade: I enjoy learning, finding new experiences, meeting people, swimming, pickup basketball, MTG, coding, and relaxing with scotch and cigars.

Email Carly ( to nominate your friend to be our next Jewston Mensch of the month!


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