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Meet Miriam: Jewston's Mensch of the Month!

Carly: Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Miriam: My name is Miriam Silberman. I am originally from Chicago. I am currently a PhD student in Synthetic Biology at Rice!

Carly: What was your 'Jewish experience' like in college?

Miriam: I went to WashU, sometimes referred to in the community as WashJew, where I was able to participate in a thriving and fun Jewish community. I was able to help plan and participate in many events, large and small, as well as had the opportunity to lead in some Jewish activism efforts. 

Carly: How has your time in Houston been?

Miriam: Houston has been fun. I have been here for about ten months now, and have really enjoyed getting to meet a wide array of different people, including my Jewston friends. Rice is a lot of fun, and although the weather has been a big change, I find myself enjoying the heat and all the city has to offer. It is also my first time living so close to the ocean, and going to Galveston with friends is something I love that I can do living here.

Carly: What has been the biggest surprise about living in Houston?

Miriam: I was surprised about the variation in the community, and the amazing food! As someone who is Chinese-Mexican, I was worried about not having enough Asian cuisine, since that is something I experienced in college. However, Houston's Chinatown is thriving, fun, and very accessible. 

Carly: What do you enjoy most about Jewston events?

Miriam: I love that Jewston is a place where I can be unapologetically, openly Jewish without needing to explain myself or what I am doing to anybody. Jewston is also the place where I have met the most Houston natives, which has been very cool. 

Carly: What do you do for fun?

Miriam: I like to powerlift, read, and go through long walks in Memorial park. I also really love to hang out with friends, go out and try new restaurants and bars, and explore things to do!


Carly: Is thee anything else you want the Jewston community to know?

Miriam: I and another friend are planning to start a new Moishe House in Houston! If anyone is interested in joining our new community, please reach out and let me know. I am excited to host everyone and work with you : ) 

Email to nominate your friend to be our next Jewston Mensch of the month!


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