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Miranda Ruzinsky

Meet Miranda: Jewston's Mensch of the month: June

Click Miranda's photo to learn more about her hidden talent! 


Daniel Wachsberg

Meet Daniel: Jewston's Mensch of the month: April

Click Daniel's photo to learn more.


Diana Polyak

Meet Diana: Jewston's Mensch of the month: February

Diana is a resident of Houston Moishe House! Click the photo to learn more about Diana.


Brian Kaye

Meet Brian: Jewston's Mensch of the month: December

Brian is new to Houston. Since joining Jewston, Brian has made connections outside of work. Click the photo to learn more about Brian and his views on living in a new (big)



Julia Kothmann

Meet Julia: Jewston's Immigration Paralegal of the month!

Julia may be new to Houston, but she has made her mark in the Jewston community and is a shining light to everyone she meets. Julia is a jigsaw puzzle master with the voice of an angel, but her passion for tzedek (justice) and helping children on our southern borders is really what makes her the mensch of all menches! Click the photo to learn more.


Lex Freeman

Jewston's Scuba Diver of the month!

A regular at Jewish events in our community, Lex has a passion for taking care of the earth, loves scuba diving among beautiful marine life, and always has a good Netflix recommendation. Click the photo to learn why Lex is our mensch of the month!


Jenny Croft

Jewston's Physical Therapist of the month!

Planning events for the community, rooting for the Aggies and helping children and adults in the hospital...just a days work for Jenny! Click the photo to learn more about our favorite fourth generation Houstonian!

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-17 at

Lior Ashkenazy Dor

Jewston's Israel Fellow of the month!

Lior's love for Israel knows no bounds, and she can't wait to share her history and her story with you!  Click the photo to learn about her family, her passions, and more!


Dena Lipper

Jewston's Law Student of the month!

Dena's ambition to help others, deep Sephardi roots, GUCI camp filled summers, make her one amazing mensch of the month! Read all about Dena by clicking her photo.


Daniel Wolfe

Jewston's Chef of the month!

Hey good lookin', whatcha been cookin'!? Click the photo to read about this mensch of a chef and his work helping hungry families and emergency workers during the pandemic.


Meshi Alterson

Jewston's Mensch of the month!

You don't want to miss out on the incredible rescue story of Shadow the dog! Click the photo to learn more!


Ali Kaufman

Jewston's Flutist of the month!

Have you played the flute in the French Alps?? Well our Mensch of the month has! Click the photo to learn more about Ali. 


Mor Dvash

Meet Mor: Jewston's Mensch of the month: May

Click Mor's photo to learn more about how he learned to love Houston.


Ari Rickman

Meet Ari: Jewston's Mensch of the month: March

Click Ari's photo to learn more.


Leora Woll

Meet Leora: Jewston's Mensch of the month: January

Leora is a student, runner, and food lover! Click the photo to learn more about Leora and her love for Jewston.


Imanouel Tsimchi

Meet Imanouel: Jewston's Nice Jewish (almost) Doctor of the month!

Imanouel's journey into medicine has helped him develop a unique appreciation for treating every person with kindness and sensitivity. These characteristics and more are why Imanouel is the ultimate Nice Jewish (almost) Doctor AND Jewston's Mensch of the month! Click the photo to learn more about this tahdig loving, guitar playing, HEB fanboy and his top three things you should do while in Houston.


Carly Fleck

Meet Carly: Jewston's Springboard Fellow of the month!

Carly and her pug, Bear (yes, he is as cute as his name suggests) made the trek all the way from Kalamazoo, Michigan to the Bayou City and can't wait to meet you! Carly loves to create accessible Jewish experiences for our undergraduate students in Houston and that's just one reason she is the most incredible mensch of the month! Click the photo to learn more!


Lauren Schwartz

Jewston's Engineer of the month!

When she's not out paving the way for female engineers, you can find Lauren at a Jewish event, watching a broadway show or mothering her incredible collection of house plants! Click the photo to learn all about why Lauren is our Mensch of the month.

Solo Shot.jpg

Wendi Reichstein

Jewston's Theatre Buff of the month!

Blame it on the Broadway, but this mensch is defying gravity! Click the photo to read her story and find out why Wendi is such an incredible part of our community.


Danielle Resh

Jewston's Author of the month!

Danielle's passion for Israel and Jewish text has inspired her to write a book! Click the photo to read more about this Houstonian triplet below and find out why she is our mensch of the month!


Laura Broscow

Jewston's Opera Singer of the month!

Singing her way into our hearts, Laura Broscow shares her journey to the stage in this Mensch of the month blog! Click the photo to read more about this California southern belle!


Jessie Cassorla

Jewston's Moishe House resident of the month!

ASU Sun Devils, Greene Family Camp, and long walks on the Buffalo Bayou! Click the photo to learn more about the first female resident of Moishe House Houston!


Sammy Pappert

Jewston's Law School President of the month!

Learn about our South Texas College of Law School Jewish Student President! He loves a good soccer game, and can't wait to be a nice Jewish Lawyer. Click the photo to learn more!


Ellie Rips

Jewston's Hillel Pro of the month!

Disney, Baseball, Shabbat, oh my! Click the photo to learn more about Ellie in our exclusive interview.

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